Saturday, July 20, 2013

Harm 2

Working in a hospital I would on the rare occasion run into a family member who gave me the feeling that they were drowning. The implication was from the staff that the problem was either of the patients doing or the family.  I felt there was a different dynamic than the usual sorrow, grief, anger and overwelmededness. The sense they did not know where to turn because what they were saying was not believed. The interventions instead of helping often made the problems worse. Most of the time the hospital gets it right and by far the vast majority tries to do the best even if misguided but once started on the wrong path it is hard to correct.

Harm 1 Link may not be working

From my wife's yearly letter from her endo
'She had classic lupus with well as probable lupus cerebritus...In retrospect I think her lymphocytic hypohysitis is part of this autoimmunity' 

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