Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cheerfully left

I am trying to do a little more exercise and increase the distance that I walk on the bike trails. The trails are being used heavily which is good.  Many running clubs have sprung up to help people train for marathons. They try and make it a positive experience for all in the group.  It looks like a great way to train as everyone wants the best for everyone else. Most of the runners are very friendly saying hello cheerfully.  I have been working on initiating a smile with my left eye/face and trying to connect with the runners left eye as I say hello.

I seem to be a little better on being able to express emotion with left eye /face than before.  I believe the right eye/face was always my normal way in connecting with someone else.   I still have a lack of coordination/intelligence in my use of musculature in the left eye/face.  I can read the cheerfulness in other peoples left eye//face fairly well but it is still weird to me that it has been a blind spot my whole life. There is a difference in the feeling of saying hello with the left side.  I believe the association of the left eye is related to the use of my left tongue. The inability to use my the musculature of the left eye/face/tongue is reflected throughout my body. I have a strong suspicion that it is the origin of the dominance of the right side in comparison to the left.  Almost like the conscious control never had a chance on the left side of myself to develop parity to the right side by how I related to others.

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