Monday, July 8, 2013

Seek and I shall find a headache

I had another splitting headache last night that I attributed to my play with the tongues. I have fifty years plus of moving the musculature one way with things in my head and now I am trying to do it in a different way. I believe there are many fascial structures throughout the skull that have been built up to support the habitual use of the muscular patterns in a right side dominated way.  I am now asking the left side to gain some independence and it is often not the most pleasant feeling in the world. Of course there could be other reasons for the headaches and there is a very probable chance I am wrong.

I can feel the left side musculature under the chin, throat, tongue, jaw and face in a way I never have. It feels like it is moving though mush with pulls on structures away from the point of movement. In a positive sense it is giving me a much different equal sense in the use of my spine. It feels like I have a more symmetrical sense of both sides instead of one back twisted in it's function.

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