Friday, July 12, 2013

Habitually right

I am getting a strong sense that the use of my left tongue and my left eye are linked somehow. I do not understand the reason. However my left tongue feels like it depends on movement all the way down my left throat. As I try to get the left tongue to cross the midline my left throat and my left eye get involved. I can understand the muscles in the left throat region being involved but the left eye does not have the same physical connections. I am assuming it is more a habitual linking but that reasoning seems weak because I never knew I had a left tongue to move as far as my memory goes back. However the whole left side of my face can get involved with trying to move the left tongue as well. It points to a use of my left side that is foreign to the way I normally use it. That it can be equal to the right but is underdeveloped. I doubt that with my current age, intellect and habits that I can ever achieve a near parity, maybe some more symmetry at best. However it makes me doubt the idea of being "right handed". It feels more to be an adaptation of habits in response to the world.

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