Sunday, July 28, 2013

Can I be bi-hemispheric in speech?

I think I can. I believe I am. I believe I am using the left tongue to talk when I want. The right tongue is my normal and habitual but I feel I can switch between the two fairly rapidly,  I am unclear where the ideas for the words are originated. I may mechanically be using the left tongue but unable to generate the thinking in words in my right hemisphere.  If I had to bet on it I would say that I can speak without the left hemispheric input..

I feel my speech was largely learned through mimicking from the connections I made with my parents. I learned to connect to the right eye with the feedback of them talking mainly to my right eye. However once the process was started my left tongue became undifferentiated from my right tongue. By the time I started talking I feel I only perceived I had one tongue' one chin,one throat, my right side dominating with my left side subordinate. 

How did Michelle's brain learn to switch the speech centers to her right hemisphere? If Michelle can learn to use the right hemisphere why can't I? I believe the answer lies in my perception of how I relate to others and the sense of having a separate left tongue/face/throat to use. 

Pretty wacky ideas from a guy who barely communicate normally.

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