Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Split Judgement

I have been focusing on left eye to left eye contact and trying to imagine the persona that is reflected on the left side of other's faces. It feels to be an active process to see the persona residing in the left half of others. On the right it is something I seem to do automatically. I have to look for the left eye and scan what I see around the eye/face. While on the right side I can take it in a glance. During our walks as a person comes down the path at us my right side can very easily make a judgement about the right sided person I see from a good distance. Focusing on the left side of their head takes quite a bit of time. I think most people have more facial expression on their right side which is easier to take in. The left side for most seems to be less (searching for the correct word here) communicative.

As you judge you shall be judged

Psychologists have discovered that our brains automatically process a person's facial features with the first glance we have of them, helping us to form snap judgements about them before consciously perceiving their appearance.


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