Saturday, August 2, 2014

Positive and negative

I have been getting more sense of differentiation of the left and right sublingual musculature. When playing with left under tongue musculature I get a nice feeling of elongation that extends all the way form my clavicle on the left through the hyoid to the left anterior mandible. It also provides a relief to left posterior skull spinal muscles in a way I never experienced.  I had no sense of the independence of this under tongue musculature a few years ago as I had one undifferentiated mass that I used without much thought. There are strong connections to how I use my head and spine that still feels quite foreign to my usual organization of my muscular-skeleton. Again the process seems more predicated on communication and perception of the right side dominant in myself and others

On a negative note I am getting what feels to be hip pain on the right while taking my walks. At first I thought it might be related to some skeletal reorganization related to the left tongue/eye/head. I am now leaning more to joint arthritis of the femoral head as the pain wraps around pelvis to front and back in a deep ache. If I stop ambulating the pain goes away after a bit but reoccurs when I ambulate any significant distance.

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