Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Left sided birthing

The pain on my right side has been becoming somewhat more manageable. I haven't used as much advil or tylenol. I thought when I started playing with the left sublingual musculature/tongue I thought I would rapidly gain control of it however the process is much larger. It feels like I  am almost 'birthing' a new use of the left side of my head, face, neck sublingual musculature and tongue. It was not what I expected. I have not seen any particular value in what I am doing. It has been quite painful at times. I don't think the process is nearly over (where there would be a somewhat more equitable arrangement in the left and right side dominant control). What is becoming more clear to me that I had previously a false understanding of my right side dominance left side subordinance. There does not seem to be any new dichotomy in my personality. For an analogy it feels more like I had a hand that I never used and it's connections to the arm, shoulder and rest of the body are quite painful and sore to the new adaptation of use. I know I used the left tongue/ jaw/ etc previously but in subordinate pattern to the right. Using the left as the initiator of the movement is something I am finding to be very different.

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