Sunday, May 15, 2016

Natural left botox

I have not posted in awhile. Just read this article today on how by using botox it may limit our emotional range. Again I think I never really saw the left half of peoples faces and was unable to mimic the emotions seen in the left half of face(right visual field) but used my right eye to connect with their right eye(left visual field). I now feel I saw the other person as right sided and related to their right side.

I am now able to use my left side of head in a different way than I have been able to previously in my life. The movements have a global left side initiation, are very strong, but still limited in control. I often can see a 'persona' expressed in the left side of someone else's face. It is still not my natural habitual way of seeing and communicating,but I keep getting a slow enlargement of my left movement capabilities.

Quote from article

Baumeister's intuition stems from a very well-known scientific theory, called embodiment. The idea is that the processing of emotional information, such as facial expressions, in part involves reproducing the same emotions on our own bodies. In other words, when we observe a smile, our face too tends to smile (often in an imperceptible and automatic fashion) as we try to make sense of that expression. However, if our facial muscles are paralyzed by Botox, then the process of understanding someone else's emotion expression may turn out to be more difficult.

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