Monday, July 4, 2016

Coordinated mimimicking

It's becoming more apparent that elements of the left side (head, face, throat and tongue) are not used in isolation but rather in coordination with other elements on the left side in left sided initiation and control. I thought I would be able to isolate elements of the left side and gain control but it feels much bigger. It is interesting to find elements of the left side in coordinated action when I am trying to only gain some further control of one element.

A similar process is in my ability the persona in the left side of someone's head. In my normal viewing of someone I see the persona as right sided and I mimic that side without thought in my normal attempt to read the persona. Most often the left side of others has less to read and mimic but still has a great deal for me to see and reflect in myself. So when I react to the left side the whole of my left side has to react in a coordinated way to mimic what is seen.

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