Monday, August 1, 2016

Stabilization versus movement complexity

If I am correct that I see the 'persona' in the right half of someone else's face and that is what I posturally adjust too, is there a blocking of movements on the left side of my face? As mentioned in the previous post I am feeling strong sensations (small in size, spastic, but forceful) in areas where I am surprised to feel anything but skull bones. In my movement picture of myself these areas are not suppose to move. Going back to the Feldenkrais idea of how we try to limit the complexity of a movement by stabilizing one region to allow a different region to gain more control feels like what I am finding in my head movements. By focusing on the right half of someone else face (presumably as they focused on my right side) movements on my left half were stabilized to facilitate the complex movements on on the right side.

Even though I am trying to facilitate movements in the left side they often feel unpleasant, not right, and much more involved than what I am attempting.

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