Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shaking hands with the wrong eye

The feeling that I am using the musculature of the left tongue and side of face in a new way continues but not so significant where I am sure I am not misinterpreting things.  Often when walking on trail I am continuing to try to connect left eye to left eye with others as they pass in a very positive way.  Some people just stare stonily ahead. Others connect with the left eye. Many seem to notice with the left eye and then switch to make the connection with the right eye.  As if that is not the left eye'e job and if they are going to say'hello' the right eye (left hemisphere) needs to be charge.  My offering of my left eye is almost like offering the left hand to shake. It is simply not done that way unless one's right hand is carrying something.

It tends to reinforce my belief the eye/tongue connection is related to the development of the speech lateralization of the hemispheres.

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