Saturday, June 21, 2014

Walking the path

Walked the bike path again today. I have not been there in awhile. As it was Saturday many people were walking, biking and jogging. I am trying to see the persona in the left side of others. My habitual is to see the persona as existing in the right side of other people's head. The left side is usually not seen somehow on the periphery. To make the connection with the left side persona does not feel just to be an passive process. I almost have to imagine that the persona exists in left side of other person coming toward me. At that point often what feels to be a spontaneous smile on my left side is initiated. Many people respond to my left side initiated smile but I am pretty sure they are not seeing a left sided persona in myself on any level. Most people are friendly and see someone with a stupidass grin will provide the courtesy of responding. I am beginning to think that left and right persona is there in everyone but the way I relate to others determines what I see. My habitual has been always to relate to others as right sided even though I thought I saw the person as a whole  It existed so pervasively in me that I could not see it. Even when I began to recognize that I did not really see the left side of others faces I still only saw the persona existing in the right side of others. It takes an active creative process in my mind of seeing the persona in the left side of someone.

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