Sunday, June 1, 2014

Productive painful hangovers

Playing with sub-lingual muscles and structures on the left side of mouth and throat. It is a relatively new process in my 50 year plus life. It is still striking to me that I had no access to this area before. There has been a good bit of pain in getting these structures to move. For some reason on the occasional hangover the movements seem particularly painful but productive. I should be old enough to avoid something with the label 'Mountain Juice' but having a glass of wine with dinner prior it then seemed like a good idea at the time.

 Like playing with a sore tooth there is a sense if I get the left side more independent from the right there will be some more pain while experiencing the joys of the hangover. I should leave it alone but the small movements seem particularly accessible and therin lies the rub.  Moving the left tongue and throat structure independent of the right involves the structures of the head and neck. I do not know if my ideas are correct involving the hyoid, skull and spine but once involving the movements of my left sub-lingual  structures there is a corresponding change in sensation of the larger structures. My belief now is that I could not differentiate my left tongue and throat from my right tongue and throat in terms of movement. I think the function of speech and communication and mimicking what I see in others led to the right side dominance with the left side subordinate. I intensely dislike hangovers and I rather be less productive without the pain.

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