Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Habitual process

"My left sublingual muscles were in a sense unknown to me and minor play with them seems to influence the more immediate structures first which then have an influence on structures and musculature progressively far away.  I feel I kept them more contracted through out my life in comparison to the right."

Pick a side

The more I think on this statement it feels partially correct and partially wrong. Relaxing my sublingual muscles on the left and I immediately get an echo of a similar movement in my left erector spinae. There is no direct connection and the sequence that I am postulating through the hyoid to the styloid process of the temporal bone from there subtly affecting the skull on the axis and then through the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. The mechanical connections feel to slow and too minute to effect the change I feel. However looking at my body mechanically has in it it's own deficit of thought. I am much more a creature of habits. I have a habit of contracting and inhibiting all the muscles that link in that chain partially because of the function of relating to other people. I make the link right eye to right eye and the subtleties of what I do fall in line without conscious thought. I do not have to be communicating at the moment to have the preference of my usual. I imagine most people do what I do to some degree with as large variability on the range as there are different postures. 

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