Saturday, May 3, 2014

The power of speech

Went for another drive and working with singing with the left tongue throat. The difference that I feel in the musculature in my left head neck and paraspinal is one that I never could imagine.  I do not have complete easy control but almost like toughened rope I am getting some of the strands to relax. There is a power in the uncoiling that is very surprising. I have brought up the issue of my left being a slave to the right and that seems to be more correct now than ever. My left side muscles feels to have existed largely to make the right side functioning easier. The more distal muscles as in the left hand seemed to have their independence to a much larger degree compared to the muscles of the posterior neck on the left for example. Again my accessibility to the area seems to come from the higher function of speech than directly trying to feel and imagine the structures themselves.  I don;t have a good understanding of why my left sublingual/anterior throat muscles would have such a wide reaching influence. Differentiating the smaller left and right muscles feels to be tied to of how I perceive how another's persona exists in their body. The larger musculature of the trunk then appear to get their cues from the smaller.

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