Thursday, May 1, 2014

Anti dentite

Went to the dentist yesterday for my teeth cleaning. In the past when I have sat in the chair and opened my mouth I get resistance on my left side and I am unable to keep it open for long as it begins to ache. My belief is that I was opening my mouth with my right side dominant and the left not participating fully or correctly, (almost in opposition to what it should be doing). In my normal activation I am to stupid to open my mouth with both sides contributing relatively equally. Yesterday there was a definite improvement but still not what I think what most people achieve quite easily. It did not ache throughout and I felt for the majority of the time the left side was cooperating instead of doing what it did before. I think the improvements came from me trying to generate sound/speech with the left tongue/throat but not from the conscious attempt to fix the imbalance of the musculature. The function of speech attempted with the left tongue/throat changed the usage. There has been a significant amount of pain with my efforts and I do not see a practical way to share this with others. The pain/time ratio to benefit still feels to be way out of whack for it to be easily adopted.

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