Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Only the Hyoid

Only the lonely Chris Isaak

I am trying to hit the notes that Chris sings with my left tongue/ throat. I am very monotone and unable to hit the pitch he sings throughout. (Yet in my mind I sound good:). I can feel echoes of my attempts to sing all along my spine on my left. I don't know of any structural connections between the activation of my tiny throat musculature and my lumbar region.  The attempt to activate the song in the left tongue throat seems to recruit muscles far from the site of sound. Most of my focus attempt seems to center around my hyoid bone on the left. There are many muscles that connect to the hyoid and to get the freedom for the vibration necessary the muscles need to be inhibited/relaxed. Inhibition is often looked at in therapy as the higher neurological function. My developing sense of this region suggests I often fix it comparatively to the right side musculature where I normally allow sound to be generated. To change the stabilization of the left muscles in order to improve the sound there feels to be an effort to reorganize my muscular skeletal habitual posture. I am incapable of changing through the power of thinking/imaging alone. I seem to need the functions of how it sounds and work from there with my mentations. The sensation I get from this exercise I find quite remarkable.

PS I know on some level the vocal cords/folds are the main origin of sound and pitch. The surrounding structures feel more to enhance enunciation. I am unclear of any differences between my right and left vocal folds but my understanding is there is often asymmetry.

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