Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I left my TMJ

We have been taking long aimless drives in our car around the SF bay area while playing music. My favorite currently is Tony Bennett. His most famous song is I left my heart... but we have been mostly listening to his recent duet albums.  My wife often falls asleep and I try to croon along with Tony initiating with the left tongue/throat/lips/jaw.  I have had a borderline left side TMJ problem for most of my life with the left upper quadrant of my shoulder neck and head feeling tight with occasional soreness. During my body awareness work I have tried to relax most everything in my body yet this area seemed the most stubborn in it's refusal to cooperate.  There is a remarkably different feel in this area developing. The feeling that it is beginning to relax lengthen and work properly. There has been quite a bit of pain getting to this place and also the feel that I may hurt myself badly quite easily.

The relaxation and lengthening feels to come from the attempts at singing and talking with the left structures. My body is responding more to my inept tries to improving the sound instead of mental efforts at attempting to relax. It suggest like most things I am not smart enough to change by thinking but by attempting to improve the appropriate functional activity.

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