Sunday, April 13, 2014

Screwy, Good morning

Attempted to say "Good morning" a bunch of times using the left half of my head to initiate/coordinate the sounds as I passed people on the path today. I don't think I always accomplished it. Often when trying to vocalize with the left I wind up doing the usual way and say things with the right side dominant. There feels to be a tentative connection to the ways I see the person I am talking to. Normally, I feel I view the the person as right side dominant and I verbalize to that side with my right side. It seems to be more than just my seeing the person as right side dominant but more in terms that I feel that persona exists in his/her right side.

The attempts to vocalize with my left side feel to change the orientation of muscular-skeleton. It is unexpected to me as the structural connections do not have the power to cause the changes I am feeling. Function seems to dominate over structure though my structure provides plenty of resistance to the change. To vocalize with left side dominant feels to require both more space and relaxation of the left side vocal structures and my body seems to make an attempt to accommodate that need with subtle postural changes far from the throat, tongue, head and jaw. The subtle postural changes can be painful and often seem to be dangerous in that I can screw up my head,neck and back real good in pursuing them.

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