Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rockin and rollin

Driving and attempting to sing with my left tongue/jaw/lips/throat again today. Key word is 'attempt' on many levels. I think I saw a hawk fly by listen for a moment and then decide to end it all.  Where it feels like things are moving to is that the cavernous aspect of sound created on the left side needs relax supple muscular structures to sound more correct. In order to create that very subtle amount of relaxed space the right side needs to be a little more stabilized. It feels like I am slowly being able to switch my habitual orientation of my jaw and mouth structures.   It does not seem to make sense but there feels to be more torque put on the cervical spine than I would imagine possible and from there through the thoracic down to my lumbar spine.

An older post where I was not feeling some of the differences as strongly as I do today  Then as now a great deal of conjecture on my part

rocks for my head

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