Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Talking bad

Playing with my head

The image of a glass pane sliding down into my body comes from Moshe Feldenkrais. I took the existing idea and modified it to play extensively with the tongue, jaw and relationships. I don't know if he used the glass pane to get people to feel the difference of the left and right side use but I can come up with no other reason. The training in his method is very experiential. With four years of training I still could not talk about it in a way that that I could make other people see the sense in it.  That may be largely due to shortcomings of my own communication skills and not what was being said.

What I feel to be unexamined about the head is the functional relationship between the left and right side.I am getting a totally new experience of using the musculature of the back of the neck coming from my work with the left eye, face, tongue, anterior throat. It is suggesting to me a reversal of how I think about the pain in my neck. I can now feel a difference in how I can use both sides of the musculature on the posterior side of my cervical spine but that came about from my self study of the anterior structures used in my attempts at communication.

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