Saturday, April 5, 2014

Playground differences

Went to the trail today. The playground area was fill of kids on monkey bar type apparatus updated with a different feel than when I was a kid. Bill Cosby had a cute bit on playgrounds. Being a Saturday many parents were there. A dad was pushing a bunch of kids on the thing that goes around and I felt myself shift very much into the right sided mode as if to relate to him and his facial cues. As soon as I felt it I tried shifting into my left sided mode just to get a feel of the differences. The right sided mode almost has a sense of being able to understand commands in a physical sense. In recalling the sensation it is almost like I turned on not in anyway sexual but a heightened sense of how can I cooperate with the activity. The sort of feel I got playing a team sports. I had to be aware of not only my teammates but what the other team was trying to do. Shifting to the left mode seemed to turn it back down a notch. As if I had more of a feel of interest what others were feeling than how to cooperate with what they were doing..

I played a great many sports growing up The old saying "The older I get the better I was" has some truth. Playing with lefthanders always seemed to have a slight different feel. Like they were more independent from the rest of us righthanders. I think they could be as adept as a righthander in reading the cues necessary for sports. It may be just that they were different hand dominant, but going into a very subjective sense they often seemed to have a sense of being  "cooler".

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