Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Questioning authority of the right

The deep throat sublingual tongue musculature is far stronger than I would have suspected. Almost seemingly controlling my postural response to my environment. I am still literally stuck in feeling only partial elements of the left side dominance but unable to bring it to full fruition. It does not feel like I have fully fleshed out what it takes to use the left tongue/face/lips/throat/eye in a way that is comparable to the right side structures. It feels like the difficulty is getting both the right giving up it's slight but significant positions of advantage and the left gaining operational range.

It is still amazingly difficult to connect left eye to left eye. Not that it is hard to do in a physical sense but in matter of a habitual response, my right eye 'naturally' travels to and makes a connection to the person I am communicating with or observing right eye. That dominance of the right eye feels to be reflected and amplified in my tongue and throat structures to my right sided muscle-skeletal posture. The unexamined belief that I had that I used my left sided structures in a similar way to the right increasingly does not hold water.

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