Thursday, September 18, 2014

That's not right

Louis CK on cellphones and kids

A funny clip by Louis CK on empathy, media and kids. He talks about empathy and how kids might be being harmed by 'toxic' phones. At 38 seconds in he scrunches up the right side of his face to convey the hurt that is felt when a child is called fat. My thoughts tend to run toward agreeing with Louis but when I freeze the clip at 38 seconds there is a clear disparity in the halves of his face.

My sense is that when I communicate normally I connect right side to right side and the left side remains somehow unseen. Trying to make the connection with the left side with my attention in my left eye I often see less emotional content on the other persons left. In fact my normal is to see the 'persona' existing in the right half of others. I think there is a postural adjustment of my body to relate right side to right side.

Hat tip No Agenda Show 652

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