Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The unfortunateness of being a motor moron

Still dealing with the question of why I couldn't tell the difference between most of the left side of my head and the right side.  I can sense in terms of pain and touch quite easily but that is different than movement proprioception. In practising physical therapy there is sometimes the unkind phrase that the patient is a 'motor moron' (applied usually to the non- neurologically involved patient).  It could be a very smart patient or one not quite as bright but when you would ask for a specific movement you would get something completely different than what was asked. Many times it was the phrasing of the language but plenty often the person was incapable of processing what was said in their body. In the training based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais a generalization could be made, that the person could not differentiate the separate parts and structures in his/her body image.

In most simple terms I am saying I could not tell the difference in movement of the left side and right side of most of my head. The statement at first glance seems somewhat 'moronic' besides it's obvious reflection on myself.

PS Thinking more about this if I was numbed on the right side I believe I would still be able to tell if my mouth was opening on my left. So the above argument needs to be refined to feeling where the movement was initiated. That I could not feel the initiation of the movement on my left side of my head. It feels like I am developing a separate movement image.

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