Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Anxiously reading faces

Study Anxiety,Face reading and Trusting

I am high on the anxiety type guy  however when I try to relate with my left eye to other's left eye I am often surprised by the seemingly "niceness" of the people I make contact with. There have been occasions I make contact with the dominant male type on their left with my left eye and get a very friendly smile. My feeling is that I would not have been able to make that contact with my right eye. My sense it has a great deal to due with my own anxiety. I perceive the dominant male types as potential threats when they are probably not.

I am still playing with the left tongue and trying to see a person on the left side of face. There are actually a few times where I see/imagine a persona on the left side of others. It is more difficult than it would seem as my overwhelming tendency is to identify the persona on the right side then switch to the left consciously and try to identify what I see.

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