Saturday, October 26, 2013

Unactivated left side of my face.

Walking the bike path today again with my wife. It is becoming more and more clear that my normal way I use the left side of my head (face.eye,tongue,etc) is to keep it passive and subservient to the right side of my head. I can now allow a softening of my left eye as it meets another persons left eye. I believe I can activate my left tongue in speech. My left side of head and neck was essentially undifferentiated from my right side in normal use. My use of the left side of my head face and tongue is still no where near the competence that I use the right but I am now aware of the discrepancy. Years ago I was not even aware there was a discrepancy. I believed this was how I used my head and it was the only way possible to use it..

My sense is this developed from how I perceived and mimicked others as I grew up.

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