Monday, August 10, 2015

Hesitating to jumping to conclusions

In playing with the left tongue/sublingual musculature I often find the movement does not feel to be fully under my control. Or more to the fact control that I am use to. I can go to the place where I can start playing with the left tongue but the amount of involvement that happens feels to be larger than I intend. There is often a spasticity involved and I unable to gradate the amount of effort.  I wonder what process going on in my brain kept me from experiencing and feeling these movements before. The most obvious answer is I am deluding myself now. However if I throw out that conclusion then there may have been some sort of inhibitory process preventing the left sided control.

Watching this video on children with Tourette's what I am struck is with how normal they are besides the displays of their 'disease'. Can it be that the fault of their disease is one of losing inhibition on the non dominant side. It would suggest to me that we have two separate brains with one being socialised and the other not. For most of us the non socialised side does not express itself because it is not needed in the way we perceive the world and we have developed some inhibitory component to keep the silence.

What argues against what I am saying is the bilateralism of the expressions of movement. My thoughts would make more sense if we only saw the movements on the non dominant side. I have tried to watch the faces to see if I could tell any switch in what I perceived to be the 'persona' but have not been able to distinguish any differences. It is interesting that there is some association with being left handed but overall I cannot jump to any conclusion.

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