Sunday, August 2, 2015

Upside down

Playing with the left angle of the jaw I find a tremendous tightness with the surrounding musculature. It feels like I set the position of the jaw by pulling in and back on the left side.  Just feeling what I am doing was somewhat impossible for me a couple of years ago. Much of the body awareness movement focuses on feeling the bodies center around the navel but the head is somewhat disdained. As the person is too much in the head that they cannot feel what they are doing in the pelvis for example. Many exercises try to help explore the bodies 'center'.

One great exercise is the pelvic clock as it helped establish what some of my patterns of use with the pelvis, and lower spine. By feeling what I was doing in the exercise it allowed me some range of freedom of not doing my usual shtick. Often that does not amount to a hill of beans when I am under stress but there are times I can actually say to myself if I relax my usual twisting I will be less uncomfortable.

However for myself the usual twisting is much greater than the position of the pelvis. It appears to be connected in a sub conscious effort to put the right side in a slightly better position of advantage which includes the musculature of the head neck, face tongue sublingual musculature. These often smaller muscles have been much harder for me to differentiate and have been far more painful in letting go of what I am usually doing. However I am finding the small musculature of these regions give me sense of the lower that was not accessible to me before. I am beginning to believe my posture is more a function of how I perceived the world and other personas than how I perceived my center.


communication and the left side of my head

PS I don't know if there is any benefit in following my train of thought. It may well be that a person will benefit by deliberately staying away from it. It has been quite a painful experience at times.

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