Saturday, September 5, 2015

Split Pitt

Small post from this site. It shows Brad Pitt making large moves to the left and right that demonstrates the additional time that he uses to move to the nondominant side and the delay that happens as the signal is having to travel through the corpus callosum has to travel the further difference to the non dominant side.

However how about this gal?  I assume she is using each hemisphere in their own direct path. In playing the violin or other complex activities the dominant side may be the executor of the timing but there would seem to me the independence of the complex movements for each.

A different link from the site I found the following quote, " On the other hand, we have no choice as to the hemisphere with which we speak."  It is a very interesting read for me as it aptly demonstrates the discrepancy that I am finding in my left and right side. However it would lead to the conclusion that it is impossible to talk with the left tongue. My belief is that is the the usual but not always the possible. What is lacking in my opinion is the ability to differentiate between the left and right structures because of the complexities of the actions as most of the neural development happens prior to the awareness needed to examine such activity.

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