Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Revising the brain

In an older post I linked a story and a video about a girl with half a brain. If she is controlling both sides with the one hemisphere it gives weight to the theory of one sided control theorized here.  I'am kind of sad that the video is gone but from what I remembered the girl displayed more normal movement on one side.  There seemed to be to be an excitatory control of the impaired side but not one where I got the sense where she could relax the muscles to make it more efficient.  There is also definite timing element that could be controlled from the one side.  I was wondering if she had to use an orthotic for the impaired lower extremity ankle control or had surgery to fuse the ankle. There are several cases with one cerebral hemisphere mostly destroyed seen fairly regularly in the news. The concluding remark is usually by a doctor/neurologist that says something like "we will have to revise our current understanding of the brain"

Makes me wonder if the lesion seen here could be thought of as an excitatory impairment only. In a sense that there is no off switch. Normally the right hemisphere would be able to control the left side ability to relax but is overwhelmed by the always on signal from the dominant side.

Half a link

  • Doctor: Lesion "basically took away the left side" of Michelle Mack's brain 
  • Right side of her brain essentially rewired itself to take over left-side functions 
  • She lost some language ability, emotional control because of the rewiring
  • Mack's message to the world: "I'm normal but have special needs" 

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