Thursday, September 3, 2015

Separate but unequal

I have been thinking which is always dangerous when one has a limited capacity to do so, but I still have plenty of discrepancies in my thoughts about the left tongue. If I am correct that the left tongue/sublingual/face/eye exists in a separate but accessible mode from my usual right dominant side then the explanation of why I had no knowledge of it until after I started looking for it is still lacking. Some options might be

  • I am wrong
  • The right side inhibits perception of the possibility of left side dominance
  • There is cooperation between the right and left to achieve one functional outcome.
  • The left side never developed
  • I am a creature of habit
  • Structures of the brain are organized to lead to one side dominance
  • It is simply a lack of being able to differentiate between the left and right

I don't think it is possible for me to come to any conclusions on which is more correct after I throw out the first option. In fact I don't think I will be able to resolve anything with the resources I have. However I can continue to play with trying to enhance the separate but unequal left side use of myself.

late edit  Just reading this study where the author suggests that there is a one way directional transfer of information form the corpus callosum from dominant to non dominant side. A couple of interesting quote

Similarly, when viewing a target in the middle of our view, vast majority of right handed people will initiate a search to the left of the midline, focusing slightly to the left of the middle of a word target, ... The twin phenomena mentioned above are based on the fact that the interhemispheric traffic, underpinning laterality of motor control, is one‐way (from the major to the minor hemisphere, as here defined)and that the nature of signals employed for the purpose of activating the nondominant side is purely excitatory

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