Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holes in my thinking

There are still some holes in my thinking. I do not completely understand the right left relationship. I suppose that the left side computes the best way for one to achieve the immediate task of let'say getting food in ones mouth is to make the movements of the right side easier.  Using the example of eating with my left hand I need to reverse the usual habits of the shoulder complexes to make it somewhat coordinated.  Many (most) people can do it easily without thought. For me it was a bit of achievement for as the fork would get closer to my mouth I would run into more resistance as the shoulder complexes were doing the habitual movement. I am coordinated in one sense. To make the task easier for the right side.

However in life there are many tasks that need both hands to do complex tasks such as typing this sentence. Both hands and fingers coordinate almost without thought and the more I think the more I mistype. It would seem to me both sides of the brain have knowledge of the words being typed otherwise they would not be able to coordinate the movements. Each side of the brain must be coordinating based on it's understanding of the task.

One of the factors that still amazes me is that I would not really see the left side of someone's face as what I communicated with. If there was flaw or something outstanding I might make note of it but not something to read as they expressed themselves either verbally of non-verbally. I would imagine my learning of expressions came before the understanding of words. My right eye habitually drifts to the other person's right eye if in view. In a sense I talk right eye to right eye. When I switch my habitual to my left eye and try to make contact with another's left eye I can not do it as nearly as easy as it should be. I do not want to find the eye immediately. Somehow the scan of the left side of the face becomes incomplete. I can hear the words being said but with less comprehension as I try to maintain the attention in my left eye connection.  Some people look to have close to equal expressive ability in both sides of their faces others not so much.

Another factor that I find amazing is now that I am using and feeling the musculature sub-lingually on the left I cannot imagine how I could not feel the force and strength that they have. I believe that I kept them always contracted to a degree to make the complicated movements on the right side easier. Yet I could swallow, talk, breathe and make an ass of myself quite easily.

I have read that there is no little man inside our heads that previews our conscious thought. However I can focus my attention on my left hand ,eye or tongue. Once a new movement understanding takes place there is a greater ease in repeating if my attention has been focused on the subtle change in completing the task. Learning seems to happen more when I pay attention but there are times when things have just seemed to have soaked in.

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