Saturday, December 7, 2013

Left tongue too recap

I learned to use my head growing up in a right sided dominant way. My impression of the left side is that it took a subordinate passive role. I am unclear if it learned to be that way to support the right side dominance or just never developed. Might be a combination of both. Like a elephant's trunk lateralization the complex task of communication which is much more than words was dominated by the right side. This includes the ability to see, read and mimic the facial musculature control of others. I feel this was so dominant in me the left side ability did not develop to recognize the cues of communication and adopted the subordinate role to the right. After being introduced to the The Feldenkrais Method I pursued the discrepancy of my left and right sides and came up with the conclusion that my right tongue dominates my perception so much that I do not perceive the left tongue as existing. Instead my learned understanding up to recently was that I have one tongue with two sides as opposed to two tongues with a shared middle side. I feel the lack of my ability to perceive and read the left side of others faces is the main contributing factor of the right side of face/head/tongue/neck/eye dominance which has a great influence on the rest of the right side body dominance.

I believe my left tongue/ face/ throat/ head can develop but it is a case of first differentiating the left and right sides and also the ability to perceive that I see a persona on other's left side to communicate to.

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