Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Proximal distal rehash

In physical rehab therapy often a discussion centers around proximal and distal neuromuscular function. In my attempts to eat with the left hand using a fork the difficult part for me is when I get the fork near my mouth. It is not the left hand that is the problem.  The way I habitually use my shoulder girdle is reversed. The closer I get to my mouth with the food the more I do the opposite of what I intend. In order to get the fork to my mouth with the left I need retract the right scapular to a more stabilized position and protract (extend) the left scapular. That is the opposite of what I do habitually.

hyoid tongue musculature

It feels more and more that the hyoid moves the deep musculature for the tongue. The sensation of that area lies at the origin of the airway in my throat.  It's not that I am relearning the distal movements of the left tongue so much as the proximal origins.

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