Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Strumming the Diagastricus

The Digastric Muscle originates at the Mastoid process connects to the hyoid bone through a fascia aponeurosis and then attaches to the mandible through it's anterior portion. I believe much of the small musculature on my left under jaw is less differentiated than my right under jaw musculature in my ability to relax/inhibit for fine motor control.  Listening to Chris Isaac in 5:15 strumming and crooning got me to thinking of the digastricus like a guitar string. I am trying to get an active image of it vibrating as the song is played. There is a very good chance I am not doing remotely what I think I am doing. However I am getting some vibration in that region and in my attempts there is a corresponding feel of a slightly different head posture to allow it to happen.

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