Thursday, January 2, 2014

Girl with split tongues

Interesting to watch a girl with a split tongue use both halves of her tongue independently. Some may find it slightly gross to watch.

split tongue tricks

I think I hear a slight lisp (see below)but may have had it before her operation.  The tongue being innervated on the left and right side should be able to operate independently which she aptly demonstrates. Towards the end of the video she shows some discrepancies in the movement of her tongues.

 I do not want to have an operation to split my tongue. However I am feeling and differentiation in the use of both my intrinsic and extrinsic tongue musculature extending to my hyoid and below. According to some the movement of the tongues are not the same in the function of speech and it's use in eating. I also feel there are two possible representations of muscular activity for speech. Mine has been right side dominated my whole life but now I have some independent representation on my left tongue/throat/lips. There is also a facial and eye element that can be separated from the sounds of speech but if viewed from the function of communication probably should not. To take another step the use of head and spine are influenced by the domination of the one sided speech and the development of my left tongue is creating the possibilities of different use of my head and spine. This may or may not be a good thing.

PS (Just noticed her first comment is that she does not have a lisp. I apologize)

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