Monday, January 20, 2014

Two heads

If I clasp my two hands together or better yet grasp my right wrist with my left hand I can accomplish most tasks with my right arm/hand dominant and my left arm relaxed and going with the flow. In my perception the task is right sided.  If I do the opposite and grab my left wrist with my right hand and try to write my name then my right arm participates more than it should. I have to actively suppress the right side muscles to make the left side dominant.  The use of my head is done I feel with the right side dominant normally. However like having both hands clasped the left side can be dominant but I have a lifetime unlearning to deal with. The unlearning is far greater than the hand wrist example. My left side head role has been to put the right side in a slight position of advantage. It involves the tongue/anterior throat/face/eye musculature. The smaller anterior musculature use feels to have greater effect than the posterior neck muscles and sternocleidomastoid that I learned in school. I believe it is much more my learning of the function of communication that determined the use of my heads and those larger structures react to support what the smaller muscles do. The smaller muscles have the more neurologically involved task of expressing/receiving my interactions with others and have been far more right side dominant than symmetrical.

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