Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NY Times article


Good article. It shows the difficulties with simplistic claims like mine. The fear and anxiety of the author comes through strongly as well as the plight of his son lost in his dark maze of autism.  It is highly improbable that I have anything pertinent to say about the brain and mind when it is tremendously unfathomable by some of the brightest in the world. For me to think that I have anything useful to say about it is folly at best.

“More fools know Jack Fool than Jack Fool knows.” 
― William ShakespeareKing Lear

The video is embedded but comes up in a bigger player here. Watching both sides of Owen's face when he drops into character he makes a pronounced shift to the right side of his face/mouth. I did not see as much as a shift when he seems to talk as himself. Watching the early shots in the beginning of the video I get a sense of fear as though he is looking for any kind of feedback and not seeing it.

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