Sunday, March 23, 2014

Skeletal reorganization

I have spent an inordinate amount of time playing with the left tongue/face head connection and I have progressed very little in terms of a objective discernible difference. However if I take a retrospective look on my subjective perception of what I am feeling there has been a tremendous change. Today I went to a farmers market and was talking to a peddler of a certain ware and he was working hard to sell me his product. I was trying to make the left eye to left eye connection and it feels like it requires a musculoskeletal reorganization to facilitate the connection. It is just not seeing the left eye but to get my left face to mimic/empathize the emotion expressed there needs to be greater muscular range and expression for my whole left side of body. I suspect there are many people who incorporate both sides in normal conversation but I was not one of them. Using the musculature in the left side of my face in this way is a new activity for me. I am not sure exactly what I was expressing in the left half of my face before. My best guess it was a semblance of the right but unable to initiate the actions on their own. My normal of what I feel in my left half of face reminds me of what I said of the girl in this link. Almost like a lower neurological processing of expression.

She appears to be using her the left side and mirroring the movements partially with the right when she talks.

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