Thursday, March 20, 2014

Taking it from my left chin

I often open my mouth without thinking and regret what I say. I think I do it with the right side dominant and the right side perspective. The left side perspective did not exist until very recently. I believe it ties into the function of communication and the left side role was to stay out of the way and support the right side dominance. To put the right side in a slightly dominant position I keep the left side musculature slightly contracted and undefined with the right with greater play and definition. The left side play and perspective did not exist and to maintain the imbalance it involves far more than the jaw. My smaller muscles are supported by the larger musculature like links in a chain the extends far from the point of my left chin. Playing with my left chin position from the left perspective I get strong connections to my posterior neck and lower back. I am not able to maintain the sense of opening the left jaw from the left perspective as most of my muscular habits are from the right side perspective. I can play with it in a very limited range and fatigue quickly compared to my normal right side dominant movements. There is a sense of vulnerability as I feel I can easily hurt and strain muscles that are out of the normal positioning.  It feels like I could much more easily screw up my neck than get any benefit.

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