Tuesday, January 12, 2016


After doing the exercises pioneered by Moshe Feldenkrais for many years I became aware that I was not aware of what my left sublingual musculature/tongue were doing in all activities. There was a discrepancy on how I used the left and right regions.  The right side seems to be dominant and how I perceive the movement.  The left side is unperceived and subordinate in movement. The confusing factor is that I can feel or sense pain or sensation in the left regions.

What seems to be developing now is a left side originator of movement in the sub-lingual and jaw musculature. However the tongue itself still seems to be the same or older picture. I  do not have an explanation for it. It often feels different when I try to initiate movement in what I feel to be the left tongue but when I check it back against the older picture there is a major discrepancy in the location of what I think I am doing.

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