Saturday, January 16, 2016

Na, Na said the gutted fish

I recently resumed my twitter account. It was inactive for about five years after the time I was looking heavily at the housing bubble and the economy that led up to it. There was an old speech by one of the Fed officials back in the 50's who was dissenting about leaving the common guy as a gutted fish. That's the reason for the name.  Through the recent activity at Twitter I found this site. Two tweets caught my attention today. I think I will adopt the "Natural Philosopher" label in the future as I am sure not a scientist. (Left tongue firmly in cheek)

The joke on sodium reminds me of my wife's continuing saga.  We're having difficulty getting her DDAVP in her plan and had to spend $750 to get about 25 day supply.  Tried to get a message to her doc just to let her know and  had to run a gauntlet with the medical 'provider' on the phone. We pay about 20k to have the family plan so it does not feel right to shell out more. However my wife's cost probably exceeds the 20K to the system easily.

  1. The word "scientist" did not exist before 1833. Before this, scientists were referred to as "natural philosophers."

  2. Do we know any jokes about sodium? Na.

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