Sunday, January 10, 2016

Left side initiated breathing or the largely futile pursuit of the minutiae

I feel I could not differentiate my left and right tongue in movement after doing exercises based on my study of the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. I don't think anyone else has come to my conclusion in members who follow his work. I can move my tongue very normally and it does not deviate to one side or the other. However my perception is the movement image is one sided or right directed (presumably left hemisphere).

I have developed some partial control of my left sublingual musculature but the left tongue itself still is largely unperceived. Which obviously would suggest that I am wrong about my basic premise. However in my search for the left tongue I am increasingly getting a different use of the left side of my head than normal.

Recently I have been trying to breathe in left side initiated patten. The interior musculature and structure on my left throat/sublingual/hyoid region feels very tight and constricted compared to my normal of what I feel to be right sided (left hemisphere) controlled. The two images are separate and do not feel to be the same thing. When I switch to my normal there is a slight sense of tightening on the left but in a subordinate way to the much bigger of what I sense of my throat. When I try to breathe with the left side initiated there is mostly a sense of tightness on both sides with what feels to be very tiny movements to an outside viewer but immensely strong but with a spastic internal feel in my left throat region.

I have not found any real benefit to what I am trying to do. There does seem to at times to a slight increase in my ability of not doing in how I normally organize my lower back (keeping the left side loaded to free up the right) but nothing very specific.

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