Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Left Initiation System

Still playing with trying to develop a sense of a left tongue as separate entity than the right tongue but have been unsuccessful. What is showing up is much different use of the left side of my head. What I find to be the most interesting is that I don't feel to be moving different pieces of the head individually but a system wide use of the head that feels to be left initiated. The movements are mostly tiny, poorly controlled but feel very strong.

One salient point that comes out of the movement awareness work is that I often have found that I do not move in the way that I believe I move.  I'm full of 'parasitic' movements or activations of my musculature that interfere with what I am trying to do. In trying to learn how in my youthful development, I stumbled on a good enough solution and habitualized that pattern.  However,  I have found even though I may discovered a parasitic movement it does not mean I have found a system wide way of bettering the action. Which leads me to continue the old pattern of movement simply due to the demands of getting things done.

So the movements are interesting even though the 'left' tongue as a separate perceived moving entity remains out of reach.

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