Monday, January 18, 2016

Manly communication

Saw a recent story that Apple was buying a facial emotional reading company.  I am sure they are aware to a much greater degree than I am of the differences in the sides of face. On the home page of Emotient there is (for now at least) twelve picture of a gal expressing different emotions. Looking at most of them I find the left side to be less expressive than her right side.  However here is a picture where if find the left side of a face to be more expressive and probably accurate of the way I believe the person is feeling. 

Almost like the right side expresses what he is trying to communicate (this is a bad idea) the left a more undisguised enmity.  I don't know if I blocked out the left side of face because I did not want to see the raw emotion or that I found the right side to be a more accurate communicative device of what the person was trying to communicate. I lean to the latter, but as a male there was an unwritten rule when I was young when we were drinking beer and sharing our deepest innermost emotions that we never looked at the others face.  In a way to let the other guy have room to not be put down for showing weakness or something not manly. The raw anger in Mr. Cheney's face is definitely manly, but I wonder if to see it is in a way to provoke more anger.

In communication men tend to sit other side-by-side next to each or stand at some distance. Women sit face-to-face with other women or stand closer, indicating a more open and intimate position that help them connect with one another. For men, a face-to-face position indicates challenge or confrontation.

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