Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bestial tails

I am using the left side of my face, sublingual musculature, and throat in a seemingly more independent way from my right sided similar structures. There is more inclusion of the muscles on the left side of my head in a way that I never previously felt. However, my tongue is still the most undefined for some reason in it's left sided aspect. It often feels like it is moving in my play but then I switch to my right sided normal way of moving and it does not appear to be the same structure. I don't know why. I have been reticent to bring this point up because with a blog named My left tongue too it's sort of inherent in the name I know what I am talking about if I am correct.

I am also feeling more clearly the difference in seeing a persona existing in the left half of someone else. Again seeing someone left sided I feel changes how my body/posture relates to theirs. I normally relate right sided to right sided and when I 'see' the persona existing in the left there is a global postural shift in myself to put my left side in a subtle position of advantage.

Are there similar examples in the animal kingdom? Not exactly but maybe some hints.  Elephants that learn to lateralize trunk control to half their brain and monkeys who orofacial control is related to the Broca' area. Sea mammals that are able to stay awake with half their brains and dogs that wag their tails in different directions on how they perceive other dogs.

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