Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Postural adjustments to half a head

Most of the time when I am watching the news I am trying to see the left side of the newsperson's head. Even though I can see it easier than before, when I check that against my memory image of that left newsperson it is still much easier to recall their right sided image.  The left side image is somehow incomplete. I see a head in my memory that includes all the right side and the beginning of the left at the crown and chin but by the mouth and eyes on the left a blur. When I switch to the left memory image it is much harder for me to put a reliable picture together but it is improving. Checking in on myself there is a different postural readiness to each side. In response to the right image is the normal old feel that I have had my whole life. With the left a much different still incomplete postural adjustment.

The normal right side response is much better in terms of the familiar and I have much more functional behaviors available but there is the warnings of overuse from my left lower back which seems to be on the edge of complaint. When I try and fully incorporate the left image postural adjustment the left lower back warnings quiet some but I am unable to maintain the response for a functional period.  The ability to access my left head musculature is improving and but the movements are still spastic and feel if they are fighting against resistance. The movements feel 'left' originated and are stronger than I could imagine.

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