Saturday, November 28, 2015

Left, Right and independent

Left, Right and different

I have had in the back of my mind (s) this short interview with Michael Gazzaniga. Very interesting throughout but what he says with approx 6 min and 20 secs left I found the most intriguing. That the right hemisphere in corpus callosum split patients can learn to talk after a long period of silence.

In the normal person the left right brain interaction the dominant side in order to achieve the one functional outcome suitable to the environment may have the preference of action.  Like the elephant's trunk specialization is needed for complex tasks so there is no need for the silent hemisphere to learn the task for itself. However in the split brain patient the silent hemisphere might have a greater independence and start to perceive the environment on it's own.

Still haven't bought his book.  Maybe today

A slap from left to right

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